Photo 23 Jun 13 notes Go home you’re drunk

Go home you’re drunk

Photo 23 Jun 1 note Sega what are you doing

Sega what are you doing

Link 29 May Chronicles of Siligas Prologue»

So I just wrote my Darkest Prologue in existence - and it’s my favorite. I’m not sure if I should be ecstatic, or scared of myself.

Chronicles of Siligas

Text 20 May Build Imminent!

Hello everyone! We have a lot of updates regarding our game, so listen up!

First, we just made our feature-complete presentation to DePaul University Facutly members, and local developers. Our game, Last of the magi, was well recieved. They seemed to enjoy our usage of environmentals, our variety of game mechanics, and the multiplayer twist on puzzle platformers. The build we presented was the last of our alpha builds - feature complete, and ready for the polish of a good buffering!

But that isn’t all! We also will soon be uploading and providing people with beta builds, for public testing! Provided will be an updated readme, a copy of the game as it stands now, and the hopes and dreams that you will enjoy the game as much as our testers have.

In any case, more updates will be coming soon, so be sure to bookmark our homepage!

-Tom Field

P.S. - we are currently looking for beta testers, so if you want to formally apply, please message us on facebook. If you prefer the power of being anonymous, a link will be provided on the website to the beta build. Either way, we look forward to hearing your input!

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Because I could.

This is it. This is the post that destroyed me.

It’s 7am, and my dad came out of his office to investigate what I was laughing so hard from.

Final Reblog. Goodbye friends.

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“Uwaaah! I’m gonna be late!”

I’m Obama Barakku, 47 years old! Starting today, I’m gonna be a president!



Photo 4 Mar 1 note Coming to get yo lettuce.

Coming to get yo lettuce.

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Enjoy Japanese culture? You might enjoy Junko’s Shamisen. :D

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